Auto Maintenance Schedule Management Software

TorkSpec's My Garage is an online auto maintenance schedule software program designed to help you keep track of the maintenance of autos, trucks, motorcycles, lawnmowers, ATVs, boats or any other vehicle that requires a regular maintenace schedule.

My Garage keeps track of Repair Logs, Maintenance Schedules, Modifications/Projects, Gas Mileage, Events (Track or Shows), Picture Albums and more for all your vehicles.

You can View, Update, and Show any Vehicle Information from Any Place using a basic internet browser.

Be sure to check out the Frequently Ask Questions page to help you quickly take advantage of Torkspec's ability to track your vehicle's service and maintenance activities. TorkSpec Vehicle Maintenance Management Software is a must have for the do-it-youself mechanic.

Garage Home Page

When you login to your Garage, TorkSpec takes you directly to your Garage Home Page.

Your Garage Home Page includes the Garage Header and the Garage Module Page (which you customize using the Add Garage Module Links).

Garage Header

Your Garage Header helps you to quickly navigate within the auto maintenance software. The Garage Bar includes the Garage Name Link, Setup Link, and the LogOut Link.

Garage Name Link

Clicking on the Name Link will bring you to the Garage Home Page. Clicking on the My Garage tab on the header will also bring you to your Garage Home Page.

Garage Setup Link

The Setup Link brings you to the Setup Garage Page. The Setup Page allows you to designate where your Garage is geographically located and to configure the headers labels (KM or Miles as an Example) for your reports.

Use the Add Vehicle Link to add another auto. The Change Password Link allows you to change your login password.

Garage LogOut

You can log out of your Garage by clicking the LogOut Link. If you close your browser without logging out, TorkSpec will log you out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Garage Module Page

Your Garage Module Page can be customized to your specific needs. By adding and removing modules, you can keep track of maintenance reminders, technical information and even your customer's auto maintenance reminders.

Add Module

There are two Add Module Links because there are two columns on the Garage Module Page. There is a left side and a right side column where you can add modules.

Module Setup

A module's Setup Link allow you to remove or edit the module.

To remove the module, you first click the Module Setup Link on the lower right of the module, then you click the Remove Module Link on the upper left of the Module Setup Page. You must click the Confirm Button to finish.

The edit capabilities depends on the type of module. You can learn more about each module by going to the Module Library.

Column Module Manager

The Column Module Manager allows you to add modules to a Home Page (Garage or Vehicle) column. The Column Module Manager has the Module Selector and the Column Location Selector.

Module Selector

Use the Module Selector drop down list to select the module you want to add to the column.

Column Location Selector

Use the Column Location Selector drop down list to select where you want to place the module in the column. If you place the module in the wrong place, just remove it by using the module's Setup Link.

Vehicle Home Page

Each vehicle has it's own Home Page (Dashboard) that can be customized like the Garage Home Page. The Vehicle Home Page includes the Vehicle Header and the Vehicle Module Page.

You can navigate to the Vehicle Home Page using the Side Menu, the Vehicle Module on the Garage Home Page, or the Vehicle Name Link on the Vehicle Header.

Below is a new Vehicle Home Page. Each new auto starts off with a Profile Module, a Registration Module, a Maintenance Reminder Module, and a Part Numbers Module. Clicking on the Module Setup Link allows you to manage the information within the modules

Vehicle Header

The Vehicle Header helps you to quickly navigate and administer each one of your vehicles. The Vehicle Header includes the Default Image, Vehicle Name Link, Odometer, Setup Link, and the Vehicle's Navigation Buttons.

Default Photo

A Vehicle Default Photo is the first photo you add to an album in the Photo Gallery. You can change a Vehicles's Default Photo on the Edit Vehicle Page.

Clicking on the Vehicles's Default Photo will bring you to the Vehicle Home Page (Dashboard).

Vehicle Name Link

The Vehicle Name is a link that will bring you to the Vehicle Home Page. You can change a vehicle's name on the Setup Vehicle Page.


The Odometer shows the highest odometer value TorkSpec finds in your vehicle's Logbook.

Edit Vehicle Link

The Edit Vehicle Link takes you to the Vehicle Setup Page. Here you can document engine performance and drivetrain information for your auto.

The performance information is displayed on the Vehicle Home Page using the Profile Module.

If you assign a Mechanic Garage to your auto, TorkSpec will inform the mechanic when auto maintenance Scheduled Services are due. Your trusted mechanic will be able to view your auto's Schedule Services, view previous Repair Logs and add a Repair Log.

Vehicle Navigation Buttons

The Vehicle Naviation Buttons allow you to keep detailed information about each of your vehicles.

Log Book

The LogBook is a summary view of all General, Fuel, Repair, Mileage, Purchase, Payment, and Modification (Projects) activity for your auto. The LogBook entries are listed in descending date order.

Only General, Repair, and Modification Logs are displayed in the Vehicle Showcase Log History Report.

The Log Entry Types are:
  • General - Simple Odometer, Date, Note, and Cost Record
  • Repair - General Record with Service Record Details
  • Fuel - General Record with Fuel Amount and Fill Flag. Used by Fuel Economy Report.
  • Mileage - Business Mileage Record. Used by Tax Analysis Report.
  • Modification (Projects) - Upgrades and Modifications Details
  • Event (Journal) - Car Shows, Race Events, Trophies
  • Payment - Payment Record for Tax Expense Report
  • Purchase - Purchase Log. Information for Vehicle Showcase Report
Each Log Record has a Tax Flag that allows you to flag specific records for the Tax Report.

Log Records also have a Scan link to scan receipts or any digital image.

Scheduled Services

Scheduled Services is a list of maintenance services that need to take place on a regular basis. This is typically a vehicle's maintenance schedule. TorkSpec creates a pre-defined list of scheduled services that you can customize for each new vehicle's needs.

Scheduled Services can be added, deleted, or edited to change time duration or distance. TorkSpec uses this list to help you keep track of your auto maintence schedule.

The Service Description Link will take you to the last Repair Log Page where the Scheduled Service was performed.

The Schedule Services Button is available for your mechanic to only view your Vehicle's Scheduled Services. The mechanic does not have the ability to change your vehicle's Scheduled Services.

Repair Log

The Repair Log shows only a vehicle's Repair log entries in the LogBook. The Repair Log Page gives you a snapshot view of all repair information for your auto.

Your mechanic also uses the Repair Log Button to view previous repair logs as well as add a new one. NOTE - A mechanic entered repair log becomes locked at midnight for the mechanic. The mechanic should make sure ALL services to be performed are done before entering a repair log on TorkSpec.

Photo Gallery

A vehicle's Photo Gallery is a collection of photo albums. Click the Add Album in the Vehicle Photo Gallery Page, give the album a name and press the Save Button.

Click on the new album and click the Add Photo Link to a photos to the album.


Projects/Modifications allows you to document a project or modification that you've done to your vehicle in an easy to follow step-by-step template.

Event Journal

Event Journal is like Photo Gallery, except you can also add a date and a comment about the event. Here you can document trophies that your auto may aquire from shows or events.


TorkSpec provides Reports and Graphs for you to track Expense, Fuel Economy, and Repairs.

TorkSpec Basic reports include:

  • Expense Report - Expense report grouped by Log Type
  • Fuel Economy Report - Summary and Detail Fuel Economy
  • Distance Report - Distance over Time

TorkSpec Members also have access to the Vehicle Showcase Report, the Tax Analysis Report, and the Log Book Report Writer.

  • Report Writer - Detailed Business Expense Reports
  • Tax Reports - Mileage, Expense, and Tax Analysis
  • Vehicle Showcase - Show Vehicle Information and History to Prospective Buyers

Tax Analysis Report

The Tax Analysis Report calculates Business Tax Expense by adding the distance in your Mileage log records (business mileage) and divides that by your total miles for a year (Highest Odometer - Lowest Odometer). This percentage is multipled against all Tax Flagged log records expense to calculate Actual Business Expense.

The Standard Mileage Tax Expense is calculated by adding the distance in your Mileage log records (business mileage) and multiplying it by Standard Mileage Rate for the year.

Vehicle Module Page (Dashboard)

Like the Garage Module Page, the Vehicle Module Page (Dashboard) can be customized to the unique needs of the vehicle by adding modules.

Modules are added the same way as in the Garage Module Page, by clicking Add Module to open the Column Module Manager.