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DIY Automotive Mechanic Maintenance Software

Online Auto Maintenance Schedule Software

Auto Torque Specs and Projects

DIY Automotive Mechanic Maintenance Software

What is TorkSpec?

TorkSpec is a place dedicated to meeting the challenges of a Do-It-Yourself Mechanic (a.k.a. - a motorhead). It provides motorheads a place to keep track of their vehicles and to quickly and easily find information about their cars or motorcycles. A place built by motorheads, for motorheads.

Why are there no forums?

TorkSpec is an online automobile maintenance schedule management software and technical information library.

TorkSpec wants to partner with other car and motorcycle enthusiasts websites that already use blogs or forums by providing their website members a tool they can use for vehicle maintenance.

Online Auto Maintenance Schedule Software

What is My Garage?

My Garage is the automotive maintenance schedule manager portion of TorkSpec. The online software allows car and motorcycle enthusiasts to keep track of vehicle maintenance records and schedules.

What is a Garage?

The place where TorkSpec members keep track of their parts in Parts Bin and to keep track of their Ride's maintenance records.

How do I get a Garage?

Just simply register and we'll build one for you. You can't beat the price, because it's FREE!

How many Vehicles can I have?

Currently, there is no limit to the number of vehicles you are allowed to manage on TorkSpec.

Why is the Repair Log separate from the Log Book?

If you set a Mechanic Garage for a vehicle, it allows your mechanic to access your Repair Log without looking at any of your other Log Book information.

The Vehicle Log Book has all your activites (fuel entry, events, repairs, etc.). The Repair Log focuses just on Service, Maintenance, and Repairs for your vehicle.

How does the Tax Analysis Report work?

Actual Business Tax Expense is calculated as follows:

SUM(mileage_log.distance) / MAX(log.odometer) - MIN(log.odometer) * SUM(log.expense where Tax Flag = "Y")
The sum of Mileage log distance divided by the total annual distance multipled by the sum off all Tax Flagged Log records expenses.

Standard Tax Expense is calculated as follows:

SUM(mileage_log.distance) * standard_mileage_rate
The sum of Mileage log distance multiplied by the Standard Mileage Rate

What is a Mechanic's Garage?

Let's face it... If you are a do-it-yourself mechanic, you might be the family mechanic. You can have family and friends log mileage with their TorkSpec Garage and have TorkSpec notify you as well as them.

A Mechanic's Garage is a special TorkSpec Garage used by DIY mechanics to help them track and maintain vehicles owned or used by other members of TorkSpec. Who best to update your vehicle maintenance records then your favorite mechanic?

How do I choose Mechanic's Garage?

Each auto has a Ride Profile screen that you use to set the Mechanic's Garage as well as other vehicle specific information. Be sure to fill in the A.K.A. text box to make it easier for your mechanic to update your auto maintenance records.

How do I get a Mechanic's Garage?

Just add a Mechanic's Customer module to your Garage home page and let people know you have a Mechanic's Garage at TorkSpec.

Other TorkSpec members can now find your Garage in TorkSpec Mechanic's Garage list in their Vehicle Profile screen.

When a customer selects your Mechanic's Garage, you will be notified of all scheduled jobs in your customer's Maintenance Schedule through the Mechanic's Customer module on your Garage home page.

Does TorkSpec convert units?

No. The units in the Garage Profile are only for report and screen presentations. If you change from 'Miles' to 'Km', it will not change any values in your records. You will see your screens and reports change to reflect 'Km' where it is appropriate.

Automotive Torque Specs and Projects

How do I find a Torque Specs?

You can search for torque specs by motor (or engine), car or motorcycle model.

To find automotive torque specifications go to the Automotive Torque Specifications Database and look for torque specifications by Manufacturer Engine or Manufacturer Make and Model.

How Do I Show Off a Project?

TorkSpec has an online Project Library. You can create public Projects within a Vehicle of My Garage. When you Edit Project click on the Public button and now your Project should appear in the Project Library for all to see.