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Porsche 911 Thermostat Oil Line Replacement

Step 1 - Cut Front Oil Line

Be sure to DRAIN the oil first.

There are two lines here that connect to the thermostat housing. Cut the front line with a grinder.

WATCH OUT for the flying oil. Wear a pair of safety glasses.

Oil Lines/Thermostat

Cut with Grinder

Oil Line Cut

Step 2 - Cut Slot in Oil Line Nut

With a grinder cut slots down each side (BE CAREFUL not to cut into the thermostat housing threads) and across the top of the nut (AGAIN, BE CAREFUL not to cut into the thermostat housing).

With a big flat screwdriver or small pry bar, twist and pry the nut across the top slot of the nut.

Notice, we just touched the threads of the housing, but all was OK.

Cut Slots w/ Grinder

Remove Nut

Step 3 - Remove Rear Oil Line

Now that the front oil line is out of the way, you can remove the rear oil line the same way you removed the front oil line.

Cut Line & Slot Nut

Remove Rear Nut

Step 4 - Attatch New Oil Lines

Cleaned up the housing and to ensure no leaks, we dressed the threads with a little sealant. Nothing too aggressive.

Saved the housing (expensive) and our knuckles.

New Oil Lines