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Porsche 930 Exhaust Install

Step 1 - Separate Bellows from Bumper

Remove 8mm nuts from behind bumper where black rubber bellows attaches to bumper.

Also remove 8mm nut from rubber trim on bumper. Do this on both sides of car.

Remove These Bolts

Bellows from Outside

Step 2 - Remove Bumper Rubber Trim

Remove black rubber trim using 2pt Philips screwdriver.

Notice separation of bellows from bumper
on right picture. You may need to remove two screws holding fender lower section to give a little flex (refer to picture in step 5 - be careful).

Also notice two nuts holding bumper to body actually to hydraulic dampers. These will be removed during step 4.

Remove Plugs First

Bare Bumper

Step 3 - Remove License Plate Lamp

Remove two Philips screws holding license plate lamp and detach lamp housing. Pull wires out
from behind bumper.

Lamp Location

Lamp Removed

Step 4 - Remove Bumper

Remove the four (two on each side) nuts holding bumper to the body (picture in step 2). With the
help of another person (highly recommended), gently work the bellows off the bumper and remove the bumper.

Bumper Removed

Step 5 - Remove Check Valve Pipe

Remove pipe connecting check valve to catalytic converter. The two small circles show the bolts
holding the lower fender section referred to in step 2. Leave check valve on car.

Check Valve Pipe

Step 6 - Remove Muffler

Soak four nuts that connect catalytic converter to turbo with penetrating oil. Since I was replacing
the exhaust, I cut two bolts that connected the catalytic converter to the muffler. This allows more room to
get to the nuts on the turbo. Remove the muffler straps and allow the muffler to hang off the catalytic
converter. You can remove the third bolt, if you can get to it, to completely remove the muffler.

Cut Cat Bolts

Before Bolts Cut

After Bolt Cut

Step 7 - Remove Catalytic Converter

Remove four bolts holding catalytic converter to turbo. If you should remove a stud from the turbo,
replace it with a new one. Be sure to clean all remaining studs with penetrating oil and a thread cleaning kit
(tap and die set will do - you will need M10X1.5). Replace 4 nuts with new nuts.

Rmove 4 Bolts

Cat Removed

Step 8 - Install New Muffler

I had to modify my bracket to fit the new stainless steel exhaust. This took a big vise, a 4 LB hammer,
and a couple of pipe wrenches (also a little blood, sweat, and tears). I also cut off the inner strap flange and
only used the outer flange with the provided stainless strap. When you are satisfied with the modified
bracket, attach the stainless steel exhaust using the four new nuts to the turbo (don't forget new flange gasket)
and attach the exhaust to bracket using the stainless steel strap. Since I installed a GHL (and I think B&B
are the same), I had room to get to the turbo nuts to tighten them down because the tail pipes are
removable (and adjustable). Attach tail pipe using supplied stainless steel strap (do not fully tighten).

Modified Bracket

Step 9 - Re-attach Bumper

Re-attach the bumper using steps 1-4 in reverse order. Adjust tail pipe and tighten stainless steel

Installed Muffler

Adjust Exhaust Pipe