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Porsche Relay Hot Wire Fix

Step 1 - Solder Wire to Relay

Solder a wire to the hot connection. Use a zip tie to tie the wire to the relay. This will reduce the stress applied to the solder connection when it is being handled.

Wrap wire relay plug

Connect to Power

Use Tie Wrap

Step 2 - Connect wire to power source

Create a wire with the complementary connection and connect to the hot side of the fuse box.

Fuse Box in Back

Connector in Front

Step 3 - Defective Relay Connection

The proper fix would be to replace the wire harness, but that is a lot of work. This fix will have to do for now. Notice bad power connector. This is why we have to get power from a different source.

Relay Connector

Step 4 - Connect Relay to Power Source

Using the connector, plug the relay into the power source wire.

Powered Relay

Step 5 - Plug Relay into Relay Connector

With power wire connected, plug relay into the connector. The connector is usually mounted in the fuse box housing, but is pull out for clarity.

Relay in Connector