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Porsche 930 Brake Pad Replacement

Step 1 - Remove Wheels

The 930 uses 917 style calipers on both front and rear brakes (78-89 3.3L only) make this
procedure apply to all four wheels.. Jack up the car and remove the wheels.

Rear Brakes

Front Brakes

Step 2 - Release Brake Pad Retaining Clip

Using a needle nose plyer, remove the brake pad sensor. If the sensor had been rubbed by the
rotor, it should be replaced. Using a narrow pair of channel locks, squeeze the retaining spring clip.

Brake Sensor

Retaining Clip

Step 3 - Move Sensor and Pull Back Retainer Clip

Once the retaining spring and brake sensor are loose, pull back the retaining spring to get access
to the brake pads.

Loose Sensor

Pull Back Clip

Step 4 - Pry Back Brake Pads

Using a large sharp screwdriver, pry one side of the brake pad all the way back so to allow room
for the new brake pad. If you think this method is too crude, you can use brake caliper compressor.

Open the bleed valve on top to allow old brake fluid to be expelled from caliper.

Large Screwdriver

Pry Between

Step 5 - Pull Pad and Repeat other Pad

With a pair of plyers, pull out the old pad and insert the new pad. With the new pad in place, pry the brake pad on the other side all the way back to allow the new pad to fit.

Pull Pad

Pry Other Pad

Step 6 - Secure Brake Pad Retaining Clip

With both pads in place, push the retaining spring back in place with a large flat screwdriver. Re-attach the brake sensor using a set of needle nose plyers.

New Pads

Re-Secure Clip

Step 7 - Repeat 3 Other Wheels and Bleed Brakes

After replacing the pads on the other 3 wheels, be sure to bleed brakes with new DOT 3 (Street) or DOT 4 (Track) race fluid.