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Porsche 911 Roll Cage Installation

Step 1 - Set Car On Level Floor

Set up the 911 on a level floor or alignment rack.

911 on Rack

Step 2 - Assemble Cage in Car

Assemble the 4 section of the roll cage in the car (Front, Back, 2 Sides). If you have an interior, you will need to pull back the carpet.

Rear Cage Contacts

Strap to Secure Cage

Step 3 - Mark and Prep Contact Points

Using a permanet marker, mark where the roll cage contacts the floor. Make sure to mark the centers to drill out holes for the nuts in the cage mounting plate.

NOTE: The holes in the front are bigger than the holes in the rear. Don't make my mistake and make the holes in the back too a big. They only need to be as big as the bolt holes on the cage rear contact pad on the wheel well

Front Holes

Cage Mounting Plate

Rear Contacts

Holes Too BIG!

Step 4 - Weld Front and Center Mount Plates

The front and center contact points are on welded plates. The rear contact point uses a sandwich style clamp.

Welded Contacts

Center Weld

Front Web

Step 5 - Seal and Protect Welds

Use a paintable rubber sealer (3M) to protect welds.

Seal Welds

Center Weld Sealed

Step 6 - Paint Roll Cage

Paint the cage and contact points.

Painted Cage